My name is Dirk Graas

In this workshop you will find online paintings of world quality!

I was born on April 20 1954 and I live in Wormerveer. After being rejected in 1987 for work I started oil painting; especially old classic Dutch landscapes and portraits. But my spectre goes beyond that.

I once painted a typical Dutch windmill landscape on a wall (200cm x 500cm) for the local dentist of a village. Another example is the old style mailbox for the local post office. Due to all the assignments of the last years, I am now a painter that is capable of painting everything.

The Saense Lelie


A few years after I started painting I met Mr J. Engels at the Zaanse Schans. Mr J Engels offered me a job at the Zaanse Schans in his gift shop, the Saense Lelie. This was a job I couldn’t refuse so I said: ‘’Yes’’. Ever since that moment in 1993 I’m painting at the Zaanse Schans with pleasure and passion.